Parental Control - Monitor your kids phone and keep them safe

Do you fear that your child might be involved in unhealthy activities such as drugs, hanging around in wrong crowd or exchanging inappropriate text messages, or browsing through illegal sites on the internet?

Parenting teens is a havoc faced by many parents. Since teenage is a curious time in an individual’s life, they want to experience new things, even things that are not appropriate for them at all. Sexting has spread like an epidemic among pre-teens and early teens. Approximately 40% of teens use mobile phones to send sexually-suggestive text messages and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to other teens, and 30% percent use it for browsing through mature content. Not just this, there are times when the parents are unaware of their child’s location and frantic about knowing where they are.

If you are a concerned parent looking for an ultimate solution to all these problems, then you need EasySpy right away!

With EasySpy, you can keep a check on your child’s cellular activity, keep a check on who are they befriending, access their text messages, listen to their calls, check their contact book and emails, listen to their surroundings view the location of your child on a map, track their internet browsing activity and many more.

EasySpy is remarkable multi-purpose spy software that is easy-to-use and fully-customized feature-rich application to help you monitor cellular activities. With its parental control feature, you can easily and cautiously monitor your child’s activity to ensure their safety. Best of all EasySpy is 100% Undetectable and you can fully control it remotely.

Today, teenagers completely depend on their mobile phones than they did ever before. Most teens prefer to communicate with their friends by text messages and calls. With internet easily available on mobile phones, they can easily access Internet via their mobile phones since it is a more convenient tool for instant communication and browsing, which makes the situation even more alarming.

As a worried parent, you may be anxious about your children’s phone activity. Who could they be texting or calling? Where are they right now? Do they access adult sites on their mobile? EasySpy offers the best solution a parent could ask for. Parents need parental control software to keep an eye on their child’s mobile phone and EasySpy offers all the help they need, without worrying of being caught.

EasySpy is an easy-to-install silent application that will record all your child’s activities of his/her mobile phone. It functions as text messages recording, incoming and outgoing phone calls monitoring, recording browsing history, records email history etc. in absolute secrecy, leaving no traces of being caught. Even if your child deletes the messages or emails, you’ll still be delivered with a log of all their activities. You will also know your child’s exact location.

Wipe away the sweat and get rid of the wrinkles of concern off your forehead, install EasySpy right away and begin monitoring your child’s activities. After all, you are a concerned parent who wants to ensure the safety of your children.

EasySpy Cell Phone spy software is available on all Android and Blackberry smartphones.

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