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Q:How Can I Download The Software? I'm already a member.
A: If you are having trouble downloading the software or have closed the download page and want to download the files again, please check your email. We already sent you an email when you signed up.
If you can't find our email - please check your SPAM folder.

Q: I can't install this software on my phone
A: If you are having trouble installing the software on your phone please access the members area, and download the personalized instructions for your phone. Everything is explained in detail from the very beginning.

Q: I want a refund.
A: Please click here - and open a refund ticket.
All refund requests are approved according to our Return Policy.

Q: What are the basic steps for installing?
A: No matter which mobile phone you have, the first step to installing the software is to create your account online. You can do this on your computer. After you create your account you should visit the installation instructions page for your operating system . It will describe in detail how to install Eazy-Spy directly onto your phone that you plan to monitor.

Q: How to unzip the files from the members area?
A: You need a zip file utility, to allow you to unzip and extract the software. If you don't have a compression software you can use 7-Zip Software. How to use 7-zip:

Q: I am receiving an Invalid Login message on my phone.
A: You might have recently changed your password inside your account. The phone will need to be told the new password.

Q: How do I remove Eazy-Spy?
A: You can uninstall Eazy-Spy directly through the interface. Just dial the secret key sequence to bring up the interface. Next, click Uninstall once inside the interface. Once the phone uninstalls Eazy-Spy, power it off and then back on. For Windows Mobile devices, follow these uninstall directions to remove Eazy-Spy from the device's registry.

Q: How many phones can I monitor with one license?
A:You can use your single account on up to 10) separate phones without purchasing additional licenses! We also offer discounts for corporate customers needing to monitor multiple phones. Simply request a quote by submitting a support ticket.

Q: If I change my SIM card, will it interfere with the Spy software?
A:Changing the SIM card will not harm the software.

Q: Can anyone review recorded data besides me?
A:Our server keeps your files safe and secure. Nobody else can access your account without your user name or password. It is best, when you create your account, to not use common names or passwords that anyone you know would be able to figure out.

Q: Download errors
A: If you are having trouble unzipping the files, you might have an incomplete version of the software. To correct this issue, please delete the file and download it again from our servers.

Q: How can I get more help?
A: If you can't find your answer here, feel free to send us an email any time.
We'll try to respond to all of your questions as soon as possible.

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